I can’t find your address or store hours. Where are you located?
Sugar Rush is a pop-up and order only bakery. This means that, while we do not have a store location you can visit, you can place an order from us anytime or visit us at one of out many pop-ups! Follow us on facebook, instagram, sign up for our newsletter, or our website to keep up on all our events!

Are your products Sugar Free?
No. Our products do contain sugar.

Do you have anything Gluten Free?
We do have some products that do not contain gluten. HOWEVER, we are not a Gluten-Free facility. We take allergies seriously and will take care to keep products separate and bake gluten free items first. BUT flour can stay airborne for up to 24 hours and can lead to cross contamination. Since we rent our kitchen we cannot guarantee the amount of time that has passed since flour was last used.
If you have a severe, life threatening, gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease we recommend finding a certified gluten free facility/pre-packaged backed goods.

Is everything really vegan?
YES! We are a fully vegan owned, vegan run, vegan bakery. There are no animal products used in any of our creations