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Did you know that Sugar Rush takes custom orders?

We do more than just cupcakes!  Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, banana pound cake, candy, ect. Every day our list of flavours and creations grows!

Want something but have yet to see it at one of our events? Drop us a suggestion or ask if we can make it for an order! The answer is probably yes.

Heres our current cake options to give you an idea:

Cake:                                           Frostings:                                Fillings:
Vanilla                                        Vanilla                                     Strawberry
Chocolate                                   Chocolate                               Banana custard
Peanut butter                            Peanut Butter                        Peanut Butter
Banana                                       Strawberry                             Marshmallow
Strawberry                                Marshmallow
Dark Chocolate

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